Open everyday from 9am - 4pm excluding Christmas


Relax in the peaceful gardens surrounding the our heritage listed building, or soak up the atmosphere inside surrounded by the original hand adzed slab timber walls. The tea rooms menu consists of All Day (until 3pm) breakfast and lunch, delicious scones and sweets and a large range of tea and coffee including the infamous Kopi Luwak ($50/cup) coffee. If it is a cold drink you are after try our milk shakes or thick shakes; iced chocolate, iced coffee or iced tea. The tea rooms are a licensed venue (from 10am) and offer a selection of beers, wines and spirits.


Big Breakfast (bacon, eggs, tomato, hash brown, baked beans & sausage with a thick slice of toast)

Bacon & Eggs (bacon, eggs, tomato & toast)

Vegetarian Breakfast (eggs, tomato, baked beans, hash brown & toast)

Eggs on Toast, Bacon & Egg Sandwich, Raisin Toast, Cinnamon Toast

Kids Breakfast (bacon, egg, toast)

Waffles (warm waffle served with two scoops of ice cream and drizzled with maple syrup)

(Gluten Free options available)



Quiche Lorraine – traditional Quiche Lorraine

Zucchini Slice – delicious gluten free & vegetarian slice

Ham or Corned Beef (with chutney or pickles)

Focaccia – Ham/Cheese/Pineapple or Chicken/Cheese/Avocado served on toasted focaccia bread

Spinach & Ricotta Roll – spinach and creamy ricotta roll

(All items above served with fresh garden salad)

Pies – Outback Beef, Chicken/Leek/Mushroom, Steak/Cheese/Onion or Roast Vegetable

Sausage Roll – Mrs Macs beef sausage roll and sauce.

Optional fresh garden salad served with pies.

Toasted Sandwiches – lightly toasted sandwich with your choice of fillings: ham, chicken, tomato, cheese, onion, pineapple or avocado.

Steak Sandwich – grilled rib fillet and onion, served with lettuce, tomato, beetroot and BBQ sauce on toasted bread.


Scones & Sweets (available all day 9am – 4pm)

Plain or flavoured scones: date, blueberry, apple & cinnamon, pumpkin, caramel and cheese & herb.

All served with your choice of butter, plum jam and cream.

Caramel tart – thick caramel on short crust pastry, topped with fresh cream.

Apple Pie – apple on short crust pastry, topped with fresh cream.

Lemon Meringue Pie – lemon custard filling on short crust pastry, topped with fluffy meringue.

Banana Bread , Apple & Rhubarb and Pear & Walnuts muffins are Gluten Free Options

Variety of small cup cakes and slices.

Hot Drinks

Coffee: Kopi Luwak (see separate description), flat white, cappuccino, latte, mocha, long or short black, chai (spicy or vanilla)

Hot Chocolate

All drinks are available on regular, skim, soy or Zymil milk. Vanilla, hazelnut or caramel syrups are available.

Mug or cup size in china or take away.

Leaf teas served in single serve pot – Heritage Blend, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile, Peppermint, Green.

Specialty teas – Symphony, Allure, Lilac, Cherry Lips, Fairy Tale.


Cold Drinks ( can be made on regular, skim, soy or Zymil)

Milk shakes & Thick shakes – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, caramel, coffee & lime.

Iced Coffee – home made with real expresso coffee in ice cold milk, served with a scoop of ice-cream. Cream optional.

Iced Chocolate – home made on ice cold milk, served with ice-cream. Cream optional.

Iced Tea – home made with our special Heritage blend of tea leaves.

Selection of soft drinks and juices.

Beer, wine and spirits available after 10am.

 Water is able to be purchased.  Due to council regulations we are not able to serve table water.

Kopi Luwak (Cat Poo Coffee):

“the rarest beverage on earth” was first introduced to the tea rooms menu in November 2006. What makes this coffee the most unique in the world, is that the coffee beans are eaten and then passed through the digestive tract of the Asian Palm Civet – a cat like animal that lives in the jungle of Indonesia. While in the stomach, the cat’s digestive juices leech out many of the proteins responsible for the bitterness in coffee and result in a smoother, sweeter flavour. Made with coffee beans extracted from the droppings, these prized beans are plucked from droppings harvested from the jungle floor. They are then separated to expose whole Arabica coffee beans, roasted and ground to make a perfect cup. This rare coffee experience has been described as “a feast of the senses”: yours to taste in the tea rooms for $50 a cup or take home a gift pack of 30g, 50g or 90g to savour later; Or purchase a gift voucher for that special gift.